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RSS feeds are a useful way to stay updated with content from a site. Use the link below to add these RSS feed to a RSS reader of your choice.


ActivityPub is a decentralised protocol for sharing information and social networking. The most popular platform is Mastodon though there are many others on the Fediverse. This site has the WordPress ActivityPub plug-in enabled and you can follow it using the following username:


You can also comment on my posts using your Fediverse account.


Matrix is another decentralised protocol that is mostly currently used for chat rooms and instant messaging. I have created a Matrix space with multiple channels. Feel free to join and hang out and chat. All you need is an account on any Matrix server.

Join my Matrix space:!


Pixelfed is a decentralised ActivityPub platform that’s similar to Instagram. You can follow my account using this address: @kawaiipunk

I will also post some of my visual art and photography there too.


PeerTube is a decentralised ActivityPub platform that’s similar to YouTube. You can find my channel here and follow me on any ActivityPub platform at: @kawaiipunk_channel