RSS feeds are a useful way to stay updated with content from a site. Use the link below to add this website’s RSS feed to a RSS reader of your choice.


Activity Pub is a decentralised protocol for sharing information and social networking. The most popular platform is Mastodon though there are many others on the Fediverse. This site has the WordPress ActivityPub plugin enabled and you can follow it using the following username This is a bit experimental so bear with me.

You can also comment on my posts using your Fediverse account which is cool.


Matrix is another decentralised protocol that is mostly currently used for chat rooms and instant messaging. I have created a Matrix space with multiple channels. Feel free to join and hang out and chat. All you need is an account on any Matrix server.

Join my Matrix space:!


I started off using Soundcloud to share my music but I decided to move away from it. I doubt I will upload anything new there but you can find the old site at the link below.