Glitter and Ashes

Thirteenth track in the Stand Alone Singles series. This track is dedicated to my uncle Gareth Owen who passed away suddenly in 2021. Gareth was a great and kind person who was really influential upon my music taste, He introduced me to many exciting sounds and was always supportive of my music. Thinking of you Gaz. Hope you’re chilling with a pint and a curry with Bowie and Joe Strummer, listening to this tune.


We are here, neither seen nor heard
Halogen lamps flicker flicker flicker
Moths to a flame, like moths to a flame
I was born in flames, I feel restrained
I can’t feel my brain

Lost, lost, lost, I’ve never felt so lost
Take my hand, my warm warm hand
We gotta get rid of this feeling, we gotta get rid of this
You’ll never miss them, you’ll never miss them, you’ll never miss them
All I need is my siblings, our ancestors dancing with us
They’re with us

All I wanna see is you beside me
And all I wanna feel is these wounds start to heal
And all I ever needed was another world
A world where we can be alone

Troubles brewing, in the old station
Undercover operative, climbs the stairs
Queer bodies in revolution
Under surveillance, spectral ghosts

The music pounds, the newest sound
No panic attack, panic attack
It’s only here we’re not under attack
Got our freedom back
I’ve never seen such tenderness
I’ve never felt this grace
We danced all night



This track is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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